Scenesafe Supranano Suspension Powder

Product Code: B20889

Scenesafe Supranano powders are the gold standard in fingerprint powders.

The powders are made entirely in-house from liquid chemicals in a time consuming process. The Supranano particles are created spherical in shape and are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic allowing them to adhere successfully to a number constituents within a latent print providing a sharper, more defined ridge detail to be recorded. The  suspension powders do not contain any harmful chemicals and are very easy to control and clean up at wetted crime scenes. Once applied, the suspension can be allowed to dry back to a powder where it can be lifted using normal lifting techniques.

The Suspension range of powders are available in black and the three fluorescent colours, Yellow, Green & Red. All three fluorescent colours fluoresce under UV365 lighting, however the Green optimises its fluorescence under Blue light between 430 - 450nm and the Red optimises its fluorescence with Green light between 515 - 535nm. This use of fluorescence allows the user to remove elements of background from a surface revealing much more detail, this is especially useful on car paintwork that has been left outdoors in inclement weather.

The Suspension powders are available in 250ml bottles with inclusive trigger.