For over a decade the GLScan systems have proven to be an excellent tool for imaging marks on black Gel-lifters, even marks which do not appear to be present when the lifter is examined with the naked eye. Two models are available: the GLScan FP developed for fingerprint departments and the GLScan SP for footwear or imaging departments.

The control software for the GLScan FP and SP system is as easy to use as the acclaimed software used to control the original model. The GLScan software now comes with a host of new features like:

  • Bi-directional scanning for instant re-scanning of the Gellifter at optimal exposure and illumination settings calculated by the software.
  • Real time adjustment of illumination and exposure settings. These parameters can be adjusted during scanning while the image builds up on screen. This helps find the right settings while the scan is in progress, subsequent use of the bi-directional scanning facility shortens the time needed to get the best final image.
  • Image enhancement features such as invert, rotate, flip, histogram and brightness and contrast adjustments.
  • Image comparison tool which allows the operator to compare two images side by side.


The scanning units are fitted with a highly sensitive CMOS camera. The camera in the SP unit scans the Gellifters at a resolution of over 1000 ppi. The FP unit even scans at a resolution of over 1350 ppi which makes 3rd level detail in fingermarks clearly visible. Images obtained with the GLScan SP and FP can be loaded into most automated fingerprint and palm print identification systems (AFIS and APIS).

Light Sources

For the GLScan FP and SP imaging systems a LED light source was developed to illuminate the Gellifter during scanning. These LED light sources provide for an even illumination of the entire surface of the Gellifter. The SP system contains two light sources almost coaxially illuminating the surface. Depending on the kind of mark lifted, this can be a very faint dust mark or a highly reflective fingerprint powder, one or two lamps can be used. In addition the intensity of all LED lamps are fully adjustable.


The GLScan SP imaging system is our most versatile imaging system for Gellifters. The system allows for scanning Gellifters as small as 5 x 5 cm / 2 x 2” up to full size Gellifters of 18 x 36 cm / 7.2 x 14.4” intended for lifting of footwear marks. This system is the ideal choice for footwear examiners as well as imaging departments providing their services to both the fingerprint and trace evidence departments.


  • Auto Exposure
  • LED light sources with variable light intensity
  • LED light source for near oblique illumination
  • Image enhancement tools
  • Instant re-scanning of marks increases efficiency
  • Real time adjustment of exposure and illumination settings
  • Settings Wizard and Assistant to obtain the right image in a single scan
  • Image enhancement tools
  • On screen comparison of images