SceneSafe provide full consultancy services to its customers. Security & Defence is a complex business and as such we understand the need to develop an intimate understanding of both our customers and their environment. Facilitating a business improvement involves scope activity to understand the operational process and its key deliverable needed for optimum service performance.

Scope Analysis

Scope analysis is carried to better understand the client’s organisation so that a solution can be developed improving on existing business processes.

In order to deliver a tailored improvement scope analysis is essential to ensure that we communicate the solution driven by a thorough understanding of the organisation.

Forensic Project Management

With our market experience and knowledge we are able to deliver a fully project managed forensic delivery. We work with a wide range of industry experts and under the SceneSafe umbrella we can incorporate a full turnkey solution involving all aspects of forensic science from vehicle fabrication to analytical service development and much more.

Our past projects include CT Forensic Investigation, National DNA Database development, Sexual Assault Reform and CSI development programs.

CSI Lab Design

Building a forensic criminal investigation laboratory requires a number of skill sets in order for a high scale project to run smoothly, within budget and to plan. Having developed and put in place laboratories in various countries we know and understand the process and what is required of all parties involved.