What is SupraNano?

SupraNano is the brand name for the only latent finger powder to be manufactured solely using liquid chemicals to produce a solid particle fingerprint powder. This manufacturing process allows us to create three distinct types of powder, the first, granular powder, second, magnetic powder and finally liquid powder suspension. Each type of powder is used in a specific situation for smooth, rough and wet substrates. The dry powders are produced in five colours, black, white, yellow, green and red. The liquid powders are produced in four colours, black, yellow, green and red.

How does it work?

The granular powders are applied to smooth substrates using conventional techniques including squirrel brushes, skye brushes, pony hair brushes but also filament brushes. The use of the filament brush due to the shape and size of the particles allows for application on a vertical surface a little bit like using aluminium powder. The magnetic powders are applied to rough surfaces using a standard magnetic brush. The black magnetic powder is extremely effective on back notes when being visualized with infrared lights and filters. The liquid powder suspension is used at wetted crime scenes. The powder is sprayed in a food grade liquid carrier onto wetted surfaces and allowed to flow. It is then gently washed away from the surface to reveal any latent marks beneath. The powder suspension is best used on scenes that are between 1-3 days old.  The black suspension is really effectively when used on galvanized steel fences and roofs. In all cases the smooth, cylindrical powder particles which are both hydrophobic and hydrophilic adhere to different constituents or contaminants left behind in a latent finger mark.

How does it differ from conventional powders?

Engineered using scientific research and development SupraNano fingerprint powders adhere more regularly than standard powders giving a sharper ridge line, in turn producing more detail. Add this to this to the added benefit of the multiple fluorescent colours  able to be visualized using forensic light sources between UV365 nm – Green 535nm allows for multi-patterned backgrounds to be removed using the relevant powder, light source and filters to reveal really difficult marks. The use of the powder suspensions at scenes does not require specialist chemical training unlike existing wet powder products. The suspensions are none harmful, easily cleanable and all marks liftable when dry using conventional lifting techniques.

Has anyone trialed it?

Both magnetic & non-magnetic powders are made using a stable core silica nano-particle which is cylindrical in shape; this means it can move around within the fingerprint adhering to properties it seeks out. The results are excellent and we encourage every fingerprint specialist to trial these innovative powders.