Coveralls & Suits

  • Macrobond Ultra Type 5/6 Coverall

    Macrobond Ultra Type 5/6 Coverall

    White, hooded, single wrapped UOM each

  • Chemdefend 250 Coverall

    Chemdefend 250 Coverall

    CE Cat III, Type 5/6, white, breathable, hooded, double stitched seem, elasticated thumb looped over suit. Designed by CSI’s specifically for use b...

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  • 3M 4520 Type 5/6 Coverall

    3M 4520 Type 5/6 Coverall

    Disposable safety work wear made of lightweight, breathable polypropylene. Helps provide basic barrier protection against light liquid splashes and...

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  • 3M 4532+ Coverall

    3M 4532+ Coverall

    Made from a unique combination of non-woven fabrics and meets with CE Type 5 & 6 protection which means resistance to noxious dust, splash and ...

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  • 3M 4565 Type 4 Coverall

    3M 4565 Type 4 Coverall

    The 3M™ 4565 offering CE Category III, Type 4/5/6 protection, and has an impressive level of liquid barrier protection whilst maintaing its unique ...

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  • 3M 4535 Type 5/6 Coverall

    3M 4535 Type 5/6 Coverall

    The 3M 4535 type 5/6 coverall provides a unique balance of comfort and protection. Offering CE Type 5 and Type 6 protection with a breathable comfo...

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  • Kleenguard Dust Protection Coverall

    Kleenguard Dust Protection Coverall

    Made from a breathable patented MICROFORCE™ Barrier SMS fabric that offers significantly improved barrier protection on submicron-size particles (0...

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  • Tyvek 800J Type 3 Spray Suit

    Tyvek 800J Type 3 Spray Suit

    Orange taped over seams, S/A zip and chin flap, thumb loops, single wrap UOM each

  • Tyvek Classic plus Coverall + Feet

    Tyvek Classic plus Coverall + Feet

    Single wrapped UOM each

  • Tyvek Tychem C Suit

    Tyvek Tychem C Suit

    For more hazardous situations or if a splash protection is not sufficient we can offer Tyvek C coveralls a more protective Tyvek material with spec...

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  • Tyvek Tychem F Suit

    Tyvek Tychem F Suit

    Because Tyvek Pro-Tech F garments are only available with respiratory fit hood, storm flap and taped seams, these garments are intended for prepare...

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  • Tyvek Classic XPERT Suit

    Tyvek Classic XPERT Suit

    Widely used by police forces TYVEK Classic Is a tear resistant non-woven, breathable material which has a proven reliable track record for protecti...

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