Forensic Triage Unit

SceneSafe Ltd was established to support the UK justice system under the control of the Forensic Science Service in 1996. Now privately owned, SceneSafe have developed their forensic portfolio introducing specialist forensic vehicles for mobile crime scene investigation.

We understand that the needs of the individual client are unique to the operational objectives and as such we tailor the design through a consultative approach.

Our support and commitment to forensic development is key to our ability to respond to a fast moving and innovative industry sector.

The mobile forensic laboratory triage facility has an operational ability to process, examine and store evidence. The triage concept allows the evidence to be examined prioritizing the evidence recovery process which eliminates the potential for loss of material. The mobility allows it to be transported to the crime scene if needed and for onsite investigation to commence.

  1. DNA Room
  2. Gowning Room
  3. Stores Room
  4. Fingerprint Room
  5. Imaging Room

Each area has a defined technical capability which can be utilized when needed. For fingerprint development we have allowed for cyanoacrylate processing, chemical enhancement, conventional powder processing for either dry or wet/damp articles. The DNA enables the recovery of DNA for external analysis. All DNA equipment is stored within the controlled area and replenishment stock is maintained in the storage area within the vestibule area.

The photographic room is the technical hub of the unit and combines both visual examination using forensic light source and imagery using the scan tablet. The progression through fingerprint development to photography is the reason for the connecting rooms and why DNA has been isolated from this area.

With emphasis on maintaining a clean work environment the gowning of PPE has been placed in an isolated cell. This has a double door entry system to the DNA room where this is most vital. Any user within the unit can be gowned up prior to conducting any form of forensic work and dispose of used PPE in designated hazardous bins.

 Daily and weekly cleaning protocols will be provided to ensure the triage unit remains a clean working environment and all chemicals required are built-in to the unit for use.