Measuring & Weighing

  • 250ml Volumetric Glass Flasks

    250ml Volumetric Glass Flasks

    UOM per pack of 2

  • 100ml Glass Volumetric Flask (Class A)

    100ml Glass Volumetric Flask (Class A)

    With polyethylene stopper. UOM per 2 flask

  • 1000ml Measuring Cylinder Glass

    1000ml Measuring Cylinder Glass

    Tall form, class A UOM per cylinder

  • 10ml Borosilicate Glass, Low Form

    10ml Borosilicate Glass, Low Form

    Class B, hexagonal glass base, with spout high contrasting amber stain graduation with ring marks at major graduations, certificate of conformity ...

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  • 7ml Weigh Boat

    7ml Weigh Boat

    Disposable weighing boats 7ml, PS, square, shallow form, rounded corners, 46mm × 46mm ×v8 mm, per pack of 500

  • Measuring Cylinder Glass
  • Disposable Weighing Boat

    Disposable Weighing Boat

    Diamond shape weighing boats white with pour out 125mm x 100mm x 19mm UOM per pack of 500

  • Calibration Weight, UOM Each
  • Pyrex Beaker Low Form

    Pyrex Beaker Low Form

    chemical and temperature resistant, UOM each

  • Beaker PP 250ml

    Beaker PP 250ml

    UOM each

  • Precision Scales 1kg x 0.1g

    Precision Scales 1kg x 0.1g

    (EC compact bench scale) UOM per scale

  • Precision Scales 500g x 0.1g
  • Precision Compact Bench Scale

    Precision Compact Bench Scale

    Weighs up to 3KG in 0.1g increments UOM per set of scales

  • Electronic Balance Scale 510 gms

    Electronic Balance Scale 510 gms

    Battery powered, HT500, 0.1g increments, UOM each

  • Precision Scale 0.1 Gramme

    Precision Scale 0.1 Gramme

    Weighs up to 200 grammes supplied with 3 AA batteries and AC adapter. UOM each

  • 2L Measuring Cylinder

    2L Measuring Cylinder

    Pack quantity 1

  • Polypropylene Funnel 160mm

    Polypropylene Funnel 160mm

    Internal ribbing, ref. 237/0202/08, (UOM pack of 2)

  • Plastic Powder Funnel 150mm

    Plastic Powder Funnel 150mm

    Stem O-Ø 29mm, length 138mm. UOM each

  • Borosiliate Glass 100ml Measuring

    Borosiliate Glass 100ml Measuring

    Cylinder class A hexagonal glass base, with spout white graduations. UOM per cylinder

  • Borosilicate Glass 1000ml Measuring

    Borosilicate Glass 1000ml Measuring

    Cylinder supplied with spout, graduations, UOM each

  • Aluminium Disposable Dish 50ml

    Aluminium Disposable Dish 50ml

    60mm top ID UOM per pack of 100

  • Measuring Cylinder 10ml Fisherbrand
  • Metal Funnel 80mm Diameter

    Metal Funnel 80mm Diameter

    Stainless steel, vented flute, UOM per funnel