Scenesafe Cleanrooms Information

Product Code: CR001

SceneSafe has three dedicated cleanrooms that are externally validated to ISO 14644 class 6. These areas are access controlled, with electronic tagging systems and CCTV recording all staff movements into and out of this restricted area. Each cleanroom works independently of the other, with separate cleaning records held for each. Each cleanroom is environmentally monitored on a regular basis.

Our specially trained staff are fully conversant with all necessary DNA preventative measures, and work on a shift system that operates both day and night.

The investment SceneSafe has made in this facility enables us to prepare our products in accordance with the ISO 18385:2016 standard which has been independently validated enabling us to provide clients with the assurance that our products are fit for purpose and to a “Forensic DNA Grade” standard.

Products manufactured within this facility include mini-tapes, swab kits, DNA Kits, GSR firearms kits and others that are required for the collection and recovery of evidence such as DNA or Gunshot Residue. All products that go through the cleanrooms are batch controlled and certified in accordance to the above standard.