New Tamper Evident CJA Exhibit Label from SceneSafe

SceneSafe are proud to introduce to the forensic consumables market the next generation in exhibit recovery tracking. Since the labelling of exhibits became standard practise, it has been commonplace for a card type tag with a string tie to be used to identify the exhibit. This outdated solution risks the label being lost, torn, removed, replaced or otherwise altered. Which in turn affects the overall continuity and evidential value of the recovered exhibit. Some of the key features are listed below. 

Bar-code and sequential numbering
Tamper Evident
Assists with ISO 17020 Compliance
Waterproof label
Tear resistant PV material
Write-on with ball point pen
Can also be used as a unique large security seal for doors / windows / vehicles
Supplied per roll
Detachable receipt with secondary details aids record keeping
Criss cut peelable adhesive backing across the whole of label allowing partial or full label adhesion to the surface of the exhibit
Exhibit Continuity panels to the front of the label

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