Multi-spectral Forensic Tablet

This high-tech integrated mobile device detects invisible potential evidential material including:

  • Blood
  • Gunshot residue
  • Body fluids (semen, saliva and urine)
  • Document examination
  • Fingerprint
  • Bite marks & bruising
  • Micro imaging

Multi-spectral Contactless Fingerprint Detection

The system operates without being affected by daylight, uses non-reflective visible Lights with 4 different wavelengths:

  • Fast & contactless fingerprint imagining
  • Does not require finger print powder
  • Secures working environment
  • Easy to handle, lightweight device

4K Latent Fingerprint Detection

This innovative high tech device allows latent marks to be detected and captured using cutting edge imaging technology:

  • 200nm to 1100nm imaging range
  • 10" Full HF touch screen
  • 4K display feature
  • RAW or BMP imaging
  • 22 band pass filter options