Complimentary Copy of the Scenes of Crimes Handbook

The SceneSafe Scenes of Crimes handbook has now been made available free of charge in a digital format. If you would like to have a copy emailed to you then please send an email to the following email address:

Please provide the following information in your email. Your name, your organisation and your position. By sending an email requesting a copy of the handbook and providing the details requested you authorise SceneSafe Evidence Recovery Systems to retain your personal information so we can update you with future handbook editions and new products pertinent to you. SceneSafe reserves the right to decline all requests for the handbook from unauthorised persons.

Please be aware before sending the email that the book is in PDF format and is 13mb in size. 

The SceneSafe, Scenes of Crimes handbook remains the copyright of WA Products (UK) Ltd t/a SceneSafe, its transfer, copying and re-distribution is prohibited.